Episode 201: 40 Feet in the Air

Episode 201: 40 Feet in the Air
Recorded March 25, 2015

Kristin Casey returns to tell us about back to back race weekends at Roebling Road and Daytona International Raceway. We’ll cover some post-race topics, getting the bike back into racing form, packing up for a race weekend, cleanup after a crash, and hey… who doesn’t like discussing that awesome RV!



Episode 195: Kristin Casey Racing

Episode 195: Kristin Casey Racing

Recorded on January 14th, 2015


We’re talking to Kristin (with an “i”) Casey of Kristin Casey Racing. We cover what it’s like to be injured far from home, what it takes to remodel a “bargain” RV and a whole bunch of other stuff. This one’s a lot of fun.

Kristin Casey Racing

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Shelina Moredo interview

Interview Episode
April 6, 2014


This week Chris sits down with racer, teacher, motorcyclist, author, and all around awesome person Shelina Moredo. Shelina currently races several classes professionally, is just getting started in flat tracking, teaches several disciplines including her own “All Girl Moto Camp” dirt bike school, and has been known to write a few articles for various publications.

You can learn more about Shelina at her website, SheZRacing, on her facebook page and via her twitter account.


Episode 121 – six eight with a 40 inch inseam

Episode 121 – six eight with a 40 inch inseam
July 22, 2012
Feedback bonanza! Buell gets cash! Audi needs to learn how to stand on its own two wheels. The Street Single! Yeah… lots of amazing stuff. You can tell by all the exclamation marks. We speculate on things. We guess. We assume. We pontificate, and hey… we advise. But we do all with gusto and verve.

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  • Joel Cramer – his friend likes his smaller bike
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