Tool roll, the refresh.

A few months ago we ran a contest for the most interesting or “best” tool roll. “Best” was very subjective! This morning I decided to go through my tool roll and make sure the stuff I need is in there. I used some of the OEM tool kits bits as well as some better quality stuff to fill in the gaps. I also have a tire plug kit in with it. It’s not terribly interesting, and it’s not as full-featured as I’d like… for instance, there’s not much in here to deal with strictly-electrical issues… but it’ll get the job done if something breaks.

The good news is, it fits under the seat.

Doesn't leave much room for anything else under the seat, but what else do I need under there?

Rolls up nicely in the RoadGear tool roll bag. Hey, it matches my jacket!

The tire kit fits in the roll.

Includes all the OEM wrenches and sockets, levers and spark plug and shock tools. Includes 3/8" drive sockets in the common sizes, some allen keys that fit the bike, ratchet, screw drivers, etc. Should do what I need.