October 23, 2013 – Happy Fourth! No, the other fourth.

October 23, 2013 – Happy Fourth!


Four years we’ve been doing this show. Four years. Seems like just yesterday James and I were sitting on the upstairs balcony of the Deer Park Tavern in Newark Delaware enjoying a cold brew and talking about “… if I ever do a podcast…”

And so here we are, on the fourth anniversary of our show returning to the veritable scene of the crime. If you’re at all able, consider coming out to The Deer Park Tavern on Friday, October 25th (7pm) to join us in celebrating the event.

Oh, and we’re running a raffle for a prize, too. It’s the review unit of the Aeromoto Sport Air leather jacket, submitted for review by Competition Accessories. Check out the full line of Aeromoto merchandise at the CompAcc site.

Wow. Four years… A lot has happened over the last four years, and through it all, The Pace has been a part of my life. The feedback and support from our listeners has been nothing short of amazing. The friends James and I have made – or gotten to know better through the show and events – have been great additions to our lives. The time and effort we put into the show has always been a labor of love and we thank you, one and all, for letting us into your homes and ear buds each week.

Thank you for four wonderful years. May the next forty be just as good.

October 25, 2013 at 7pm – celebrate the 4 year anniversary of The Pace at The Deer Park Tavern.

Aeromoto Sport Air leather jacket raffle

Competition Accessories’ Aeromoto brand

Packing List

As I prepare for four glorious days worth of riding in New York and Pennsylvania I realized that I haven’t updated my pack list for motorcycle trips in a couple years. I sat down yesterday to do just that. This list is geared towards the Sprint GT which has enough storage on board to keep me on the road indefinitely. If we were talking about the SV, it would be much shorter.

What do you think? Am I missing anything?

[ ]Air pump
[ ]Patch kit
[ ]Small can of Plexus
[ ]Cleaning cloth for shield

[ ]GPS

[ ]Chain lube
[ ]Tire pressure gauge

Packed Gear
[ ]Rain gear

[ ]Spare gloves
[ ]Clear shield

[ ]Spare ear plugs

[ ]50mm
[ ]70-210mm
[ ]Tripod
[ ]Spare camera battery

[ ]Camera battery charger

[ ]Lightning cable
[ ]30 pin cable
[ ]USB wall plug adapter for iPad
[ ]USB cigarette plug adapter
[ ]Phone

[ ]iPad
[ ]Micro USB cable for charging Sena SMH 10

[ ]Micro USB to Lightning adapter


[ ]T-Shirts (number of days +1)
[ ]Boxers (number of days +1)
[ ]1 pair of shorts

[ ]1 pair of jeans
[ ]Casual shoes
[ ]1 casual jacket or sweatshirt
[ ]Light weight ski socks (number of days +1)

[ ]Normal socks (number of days)

Toiletries and Drugs
[ ]Tooth brush
[ ]Tooth paste

[ ]Deodorant
[ ]Prescriptions
[ ]Aspirin

[ ]Vitamins

Absolute Necessities

[ ]Bottle opener


Road Trip Hiatus

We’re on the road this week. The Pace is headed to the Barber Motorsports Museum just out side of Birmingham AL. We’re taking 2 weeks off to accommodate the trip but there is lots of activity on line. You can follow along on the official Facebook event page for the trip, the show’s Facebook page, Jeff and Todd’s MotoTour 2010 page and possibly, my Twitter feed. I’m not sure about that last one yet. I missed the start of the trip for personal reasons but I hope to catch up with the crew on the road early this week.

Look for a brand new episode on October 2nd.

Episode 84 – Tripping in Alabama

Episode 84 – Tripping in Alabama
August 28, 2011
This week’s short show addresses the Barber Museum and Track trip scheduled for September 18th, and some excellent listener feedback.
The Barber trip