Episode 166: Nowhere near a bike

Episode 166 – Nowhere near a bike
Feb 27, 2014


Chris still doesn’t have a bike, so he’s ridden around the block. Once. In about three months. What right does he have hosting a motorcycle show at all? Well, he and James did… And it was good. The guys talk about a new interpretation of the moped, that 70s classic. You supply your own engine. That makes sense, right? And if that’s not enough on which to get your intellectual mastication, the fine, fine Pace Podcast gentlefolk also discuss The Man and his need to interfere with… riders never getting licensed. And there’s lots and lots of feedback!




  • Eric Shelton

  • Adrian Jacob

  • James

  • Roland Cannon

  • Stephane LaFrance

  • Christopher Knox

Listener High Performance Decals’ VStrom on Mulholland!