Episode 121 – six eight with a 40 inch inseam

Episode 121 – six eight with a 40 inch inseam
July 22, 2012
Feedback bonanza! Buell gets cash! Audi needs to learn how to stand on its own two wheels. The Street Single! Yeah… lots of amazing stuff. You can tell by all the exclamation marks. We speculate on things. We guess. We assume. We pontificate, and hey… we advise. But we do all with gusto and verve.

Also, if you have a picture you’d like to see added to The Pace’s website’s front page, email it to feedback@thepacepodcast.com and we’ll make it happen. Our site was hacked and when we rebuilt the site, we didn’t put the graphics back to what we had yet. This is your chance to shine. It’s your time. It’s you! YOU! You could have your pictures featured on The Pace in perpetuity. Or at least for a really long time. You got game? Who cares…? We don’t want your game. That’s silly. Just your pics.



Facebook feedback:

  • Joel Cramer – his friend likes his smaller bike
  • Jorge Pena – all the gear, except on the Harley


  • Allan Lessard
  • Justin Varner
  • Matt Mastrosimone
  • Roland Cannon
  • Nick Morland
  • Chris Voysey
  • Mike

Episode 105: Pretty accessible for a niche

Episode 105 – Pretty accessible for a niche
March 11, 2012
This week James and Chris discuss a whole bunch o’ things and stuff… Including Chris’s review of Sliders Jeans, version 4. They’re generously cut in both width and length. You want stuff? And things? Be sure to check Ultimate Motorcycling’s 2012 Buyer’s Guide. It’s like porn for bikers… but without the porn. Motus Motorcycles is planning on releasing new information – including PRICING – at Daytona this week. Chances are good that by the time you listen to this, Motus may have already released pricing. Very exciting! Hero to the rescue! For Ducati, that is. Ducati is for sale, and Hero Motors of India is eyeing them up. Could it be? And finally, got a sticky or tricky zipper? Try waxing it. Seriously.

At the end of the show The Gear Chic drops in to give us some more tips and advice, so be sure to hang around for that. And if you have any questions or comments for Joanne, be sure to hit her up directly at joanne@thegearchic.com.

From the MFG on Slider’s Jeans
Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Jeans provide the comfort and look of your favorite pair of jeans, but with the added protection of genuine DuPont Kevlar. Sliders Motorcycle Jeans use a generous amount of Kevlar, with coverage in the knees, shins, seat, and sides of your legs and hips. Sliders also gives you the option of using CE rated knee armor, with 3 position pockets so you can get the knee armor to sit in just the right spot. With a relaxed fit, Sliders Jeans are very comfortable both on and off the bike, and are constructed of a durable 13.5oz denim. Sliders Riding Jeans are sold by waist and inseam sizes, just like normal jeans. Check them out at Competition Accessories today!



Listener Submissions:


  • Chad Bolling
  • Christopher Ashmore
  • Nathan Godwin
  • Mike Ocock