Episode 202 – Podcasters who have gone on a tangent and those who will

Episode 202 - Podcasters who have gone on a tangent and those who will April 12, 2015 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
This week the guys discuss the existential crisis of math as it pertains... ya know what? None of that happens. We do ramble on about the potential coolness of Honda, the Bulldog Concept, and then give a quick mention to some Yamaha recall news. Then we go on and on and on about the whole "those who crash and those who are going to crash" nonsense, give some luggage advice, create a drinking game and ring a bell (make out of a coffee mug). It's all the rage. Get in on it! News Links Feeback
  • Daniel Mozer
  • Kurt Wahtera
  • Scott Cloninger
  • Dan Klapman
  • Crispin Bennett
  • Dick Young

Episode 173: A nice light lemony shandy

Episode 173 - A nice light lemony shandy Recorded on: 5/18/2014 Released on: 5/18/2014 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
Lots of chatter, catching up, and wondering why the heck isn’t Chris racking up any miles…? Oh yeah, and people not doing their jobs. Review: News: Quick Hits

Not episode 112 – Sad, but true.

Not episode 112 May 6, 2012
We had hoped to get a show out this week, but between work, travel and life situations, the timing just didn't work out. We'll be back next week with a full show, some post-trip chatter, and lots and lots of feedback, and perhaps a GearChic segment. Thanks again for listening!