Episode 129: I didn’t read that article

Episode 129: I didn’t read that article October 14, 2012
This week, while James is off exploring the wilds of corporate travel, Chris enlists the help of his friend John, an MSF instructor, long time rider and track day junkie, to help keep the show on track (pun!). In true Pace Podcast form, many a rathole was visited, and many a tangent was... tangentalized. Discussion: Low speed turn Links: News: Theme song by Raoul Lowe

Episode 103 – It’s like somebody threw a switch

Episode 103 February 26, 2012
This week we discuss James' impressions of the Tiger 800, the great customer service he receives at his Triumph dealer, and how Chris hates allergies. The Trophy rumors are rearing their heads again; are they real? Hero of India backs Buell, and two Superbike teams. The Brain is better on a bike, so sayeth MotorcycleInsurance.com. Gary Budzien gives us his impressions of the IMS for 2012, and Gear Chic's Joanne Donn talks about Sport bike myths. Linkedinks below:
News: Feedback:
  • Gary Budzien on the IMS
  • Joanne talks about sport bike myths