Episode 68: You’re only off by one

Episode 68 – You’re only off by one

This week James and Chris lament on the early death of Spring; alas, dear Spring, we hardly knew ye, or something like that. Winter is back. So there. The guys whittle away at the time by talking about the industry’s support for the various Japan relief efforts. The state of Virginia is looking at options to draw tourism to the Tazewell and Smyth areas by cleverly renaming Rt. 16 and is actually going to do so with targeting motorcycle and sport car enthusiasts. Will this blow up in all our faces…? Time will tell.

The Super Tenere from Yamaha is getting some real-world testing and the guys point us at one of the reviews. It appears to be pushing all the right buttons with at least one tester. Honda’s CBR600F-series bike is also road tested, and although not yet planned for a release in the USA, it’s still a bike worth discussing. The return of this line’s 2-decades worth of legacy is worth talking about. Honda also release pricing information for the VFR800 based CrossTour. Also a bike not planned for the USA, the pricing hits some apparent good points.

Chris talks about some disappointment with Givi, specifically about the FL521 top case rack for his SV. It sucks. The guys lay out a new contest for some signed copies of David Hough’s venerable Proficient Riding book, and they talk a bit more about the upcoming ride to Barber Motorsports planned for the third week of September. Some quick feedback and a request for the community closes out the episode.