Comedy from Google Voice

If you listened to last weeks show you got to to hear an audio sample from Jeff Gilbert. He called our Google Voice line from the road on his Sena SMH10. I thought I’d share Google’s transcript of that message. Enjoy.

Hey, this is Deborah Potter towards white that dot com. This call to say thanks for the repeal of the data asset base cat. Bluetooth headset for the hell. But I’m currently off. I have to be up all are you likeabout 65 or I think a E software error approaching out of town You could hear how clear not clear that the Obviously bipolar 3 d with this not have voicemail. Unfortunately, so I have to use the laptop acall back. At, I thought I was going to you X, Alright, whether it’s possible, or how that without the kids are okay with the check part of a little quieter. But I have had explained yet. I use the daily a littlebit. Forestry, music, at. Thanks again for the step by the best we can hook up a lot a lot. Bye to you about the good work. I’ll talk to you guys later. For You.

Thanks Deborah. We hope to hear from you again.

Episode 48: Loaded up in the wrong gear

This week, fresh off the PodCamp Philly afterglow, Chris & James talk about Kawasaki. Some little bits of news… new bikes, awesome bikes, fast bikes, powerful bikes, pretty bikes… you know, more of the same old same old.

There are a few other things, too… like a four wheel motorcycle that seems to make far more sense than the Tomahawk, a naked Gixxer, a sport-tour dressed Bandit breaks into the US market place.. wait, wasn’t Suzuki out of business last year?

Those whacky Germans join the lid race in the US – Schuthbert comes back not only with helmets, but with a whole factory! Right here in the US of A! Madness, I tell you! Chris is still convinced this is the harbinger of great and wonderful things – that the US will finally see motorcycles as something more than hooligan toys. But James and his pesky reality squash those dreams.

Oh… there’s some Kawasaki news, too.

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